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We all know that fish is good for us. The medics tell us we should eat it at least twice a week.

But it's kind of hard to think beyond the very basic, grilled, baked, poached or barbecued.

What type of sauces go well with seafood?

What vegetables can I use?

I have some ideas that might help.

Let me tell you though, that you can use whatever sauce you would have used with a meat dish with the addition of a few more.

For instance, I quite often make a seafood lasagne - and I use exactly the same basic sauce as if I was using minced (ground) beef.

That means that I either start off with fresh tomatoes, tinned tomatoes or a jar of sauce if I'm pushed for time but add seafood instead of meat.

The same goes for vegetables - I would use potatoes, carrots, green beans - whatever I would use if meat were the main course.

I will give you some ideas of complete meals - from the sauce to the vegetables that I would use.

I keep graphics to a minimum on the recipe pages - you might want to print them off and it's a waste of ink to be printing a picture of a dish that you don't need.

I would love to hear from you as to what you think about that - good idea or not?

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Below are lots of recipes that don't fall into any particular category, but are too good to be left off - if anyone can come up with an idea, let me know :-)

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Crockpot Recipes for Fish
Delicious crockpot recipes - Trout in Wine, Poached Salmon, Jambalaya, Indian Fish Byriani and lots more succulent tasty meals.

Fried Fish Recipes
A selection of fried fish recipes. The perfect fish and chips, Japanese Tempura, batter recipes, including beer batter, goujons, crab cakes, seafood fondue and lots more.

Baked Seafood Recipes
A collection of baked seafood recipes from around the world. Simple to prepare and easy to cook.

Recipes Using Canned Fish
A delicious, tasty, quick and economical alternative to fresh fish. Versatile recipes for canned tuna, salmon, crab, shrimp, mackerel and pilchards. From main courses to snacks. Pizzas, pastas, Mexican Quesidallas and pastries.

Seafood and Pasta Recipes
Quick, simple, tasty and versatile. Seafood and Pasta. Seafood lasagne, pasta and seafood salads, pasta bakes, fettucini, spaghetti - some basic sauces and some classic recipes.

Seafood and Rice Recipes
Seafood recipes from around the World. Spicy Indian Fish curry, prawn biryani, Chinese dishes, paella, jambalaya. Seafood and rice - a great combination.

Seafood Sauces
A great selection of pasta sauces, fruit sauces, mayonnaise, tartare, bernaise, hollandaise, dipping sauces, crab cake sauce, cold sauces, warm sauces, stuffings.

Seafood Soup Recipes
The index for a collection of seafood soup recipes. Italian, french, bisques, chowders, cullen skink, boulliabaise - a range of hearty warming winter soups and cool summer soups.

Seafood Stew Recipes
The seafood stew recipe index. From gumbo recipes to winter warming stews. Classical to family, dinner parties to suppers.

Crab Stuffed Plaice
Plaice rolls with crab mousse stuffing, wine sauce - mmm... You could use any flat fish here.

A simple method of preparing ceviche submitted by my friend Darby Higgs of

Dressed Crab
Instructions on cooking and preparing fresh crab - it's the only way to ensure your crab is fresh - buy it live... up to you though - there are instructions to dress it anyway if you chicken out and buy a cooked one!

Fish Cakes
Tasty fish cakes are a good way of getting children to eat fish - real comfort food. Also you can use leftovers or canned fish.

Fish Couscous
Quick, tasty one pot cooking at its best.

Smoked Haddock Fish Cakes
One of my favourites - a really tasty smoked haddock fish cake. You could substitute any fish you prefer or a mixture or even canned fish.

Fish Taco Recipe
Spicy fish taco recipe - perfect for when you have friends round - you make it, they put it together :-)

Poached Salmon with Watercress Sauce

Smoked Fish Pate (Spread)
A very versatile pate. Instructions are for smoked mackerel, but you could substitute smoked trout, salmon or even tinned (canned) fish here

Thai Fish Cakes
Spicy little thai fish cakes made from humble old cod - you could substitute crab meat if you wanted to make thai crab cakes.

Thai Shrimp Recipe
A lovely shrimp (prawn) and soft noodle dish - the beginnings of a thai banquet.

Fish Cake Recipes
Salmon Fish Cake
Seafood Sausages Recipe

Seafood Stock Recipes

Sole Recipes
Two delicious sole recipes - one with a crab stuffing and the other with a salmon mousse both poached in wine - absolutely delicious.

Fish On Friday
Why do we eat fish on Friday? The tradition behind it all.

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