50 Fish and Seafood Soup Recipes

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Here are my best 50 Fish and Seafood Soup Recipes in a convenient eBook for you to have as a valuable addition to your collection.

Here is the full Table of Contents.

seafood soup

Conversion Charts
General Guidelines
Serving Suggestions
Canned Clam Chowder
Chunky Chowder
Clam Chowder
Clam Soup
Cod and Kipper Chowder
Cod Chowder
Corn & Scallop Soup
Crab & Creamed Corn Soup
Crab and Noodle
Crab Stick Soup
Crabmeat & Sweetcorn
Creamed Fish Soup
Creamed Lobster Soup
Cullen Skink
Fish & Egg Flower Soup
Fish Ball Soup
Fish Stock
Frugal Bisque
Herring Soup

Italian Fish Soup
Italian Seafood Soup
Lobster Bisque
Majorcan Fish Soup
Mixed Fish & Shellfish Soup
Mixed Fish Soup
Mussel and Rice Soup
Mussel and Tomato
Mussel Bisque
Mussel Soup
New Orleans Gumbo
Noodle Soup
Prawn and Aubergine
Prawn and Corn Chowder
Prawn Bisque
Salt Cod Soup
Seafood Bisque
Shellfish Broth
Smoked Fish Soup
Snapper and Okra
Spicy Mussel Soup
Spinach and Prawn Soup
Supper Soup
Thai Prawn Soup
Tomato and Fish Soup
Ukha – Russian Fish Soup
Vietnamese Fish Ball Soup Recipe

These are all outstanding quality recipes - all different using various techniques and mixtures of ingredients.

Soups from around the World that will tempt you to give them a try.

I wrote the book in response to requests for more soup recipes.

Fish soups are quick to prepare and cook - no lengthy simmering of stock here!

If you're tired of lack of variety then this book is for you - there are 50 fast and simple soup recipes - PLUS tips and advice

As you can see from the list, there are a few recipes already on my site but many more that I don't have room for.

There's handy conversion charts and full instructions for preparing and choosing the ingredients - also -

* How to prepare fish and shellfish.

* How to cook lobster and crab.

* How you can use the shells and trimmings for another meal.

* How to prepare mussels.

* How to open scallops.

* How to use herbs, spices, thickeners, seasonings and serving suggestions -

* How to make croutons, my quick method for herb or garlic bread and other original ideas to make your soup into a superb taste experience.

* There's tips for selecting the right vegetables and how to get rid of fish odours left by cooking.

All the answers to the questions I often get asked by my readers.

It's priced at $10 (that's just 20 cents a recipe and all the other info is a bonus) and of course there's no shipping, because it's instant download -which means you get it now to start cooking straight away. If you're not entirely satisfied, then I will refund your money - no questions asked and you get to keep the book anyway.

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50 fish and seafood soup recipes


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You will get an excellent range of fish and seafood recipes - some you will have heard of, some you won't and it could set you off on the road of experimenting for yourself.

We all know we should eat more fish, but I hear so often 'I don't know what to do with it' - here's your chance to try something different - the majority of the recipes are really quick and easy to prepare - the few that aren't, are so tasty, they're worth the extra effort :-)

I have thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing this recipe book - there will be more to follow and I welcome any suggestions or special requests you have.

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