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fresh cooked lobster for sale

A section devoted to lobster - live or pre-cooked.

How to choose the best, cook it and prepare it for recipes - how to eat one without making too much mess as well.

A comprehensive list of recipes is planned, but I'm human and it will take time to write and publish them all ;-)

Cooking it from live is often seen as 'separating the men from the boys' in terms of how squeamish you are.

I'm not entering into a debate about the ethics of it - merely giving information - so please, no hate mail from the lobster liberation front.

I'm researching some Festivals too - lots of people ask, so if you have any photos or information about the ones I have listed or any others, please send them to me and I'll give you a suitable credit.

It's regarded as the 'king' of shellfish - it's priced accordingly too - those caught in Maine are widely recognised as superior - the cold waters I think are what's normally credited with that.

Here in the UK, I get mine from Blades in Hull - David's my stepson - they ship overnight and I cook them within a day or two.

So scroll down to find what you're looking for - buying, cooking, recipes, Festivals - it'll all be there for you.

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Buy and Prepare a Live Lobster
What to look for and how to cook a live lobster. What to do if you want a 'raw' lobster for a special recipe.

How to Broil Lobster Tails

Self explanatory :-)

Lobster Baked Potatoes
A simple but tasty recipe using a small amount of lobster - could even be canned if you can find it.

Lobster Bisque
The best lobster bisque recipe I have found - simply luxurious.

Lobster Thermidor
A simple lobster thermidor recipe that would be wonderful for a dinner party or a special meal for two.

Red Lobster Biscuits
These great cheese and garlic biscuits are served at the Red Lobster restaurants - they don't strictly belong here, but they're great and would go with any lobster meal.