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Eat more seafood - low in fat, high in protein, minerals and essential fatty acids. Omega 3s aid brain development in children and protect overall health into later life. You can't afford not to know what's here - you owe it to yourself and your family.

Microwaving Fish

Microwaving fish is fast and convenient. Recipes, tips and how to get rid of those fishy smells from your microwave

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Frozen Seafood

How long can you keep frozen seafood, can you cook it from frozen, is it as good as fresh - find out the answers to those questions and more

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About Liz Alderson

Read about Liz Alderson the editor of, her love of cooking and how she came to build this site

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Fried Fish Recipes Index

Fried Fish recipes. cod in beer batter, herrings in oatmeal, perfect fish and chips, Japanese Tempura, pan fried fish

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Fried Fish

Fried fish recipes. There are three main methods of frying fish, pan, deep and shallow.

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Prawn Pasta Recipe

This prawn pasta recipe with chilli and courgettes is very quick and easy to prepare. It's also healthy. The quantities are for two but could easily be increased for more people.

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Home Cured Salmon

How to make home cured salmon. You can slice this thinly and use in the same way as you would smoked salmon.

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Easy Potatoes

Your family will think you've spent hours in the kitchen as this looks so elegant - however, you will know that it's an easy potatoes recipe. It's up to you if you tell them.

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Cat Fish Recipe

Cat Fish Recipe. A hearty stew using cat fish and vegetables. A one pot meal that would be good at home or camping - use your catch of the day.

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Canned Sardines Recipe

A lovely canned sardines recipe. A tasty salad and a quick method of garlic bread - prepared in minutes for when you're pushed for time. Tinned fish is a great standby.

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Canned Salmon Recipes

Canned salmon recipes - these crispy salmon bites with a tasty dip are really popular with the kids, make salmon couscous, fishcakes, quiche - very versatile. Tinned salmon makes a true storecupboard meal, ready in next to no time.

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Canned Fish Recipes

Canned Fish Recipes - Sardines in Pitta Pockets, salmon couscous, tuna pasta and more. Tinned fish is a great standby ingredient when you want to get a meal out in a hurry.

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Basa Recipes

Three basa recipes featuring this superb fish. Baked in tomato and thyme, au gratin and kebabs - something for everybody and every occasion.

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Salmon Recipes

A selection of salmon recipes that will make your mouth water. You can even substitute canned in some cases. How about salmon instead of turkey for Christmas?

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Canned Seafood

7 Creative Canned Seafood Recipes in Issue #5 of Seafood Recipe News. Tinned fish is so versatile and inexpensive. You can have a meal ready quicker than a takeaway.

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Healthy One Pot Meals

Seafood is quick to cook and combined with healthy one pot meals, is a cook's dream. Four super easy recipes for tasty dinners.

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Tuna Carbonara

Super easy tuna carbonara can be ready in under 20 minutes. Very basic ingredients make this such a great idea for a tasty meal at the end of a busy day.

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Grilled Swordfish Recipe

This grilled swordfish recipe is very quick to cook - it is a very meaty fish and needs minimal seasoning so as not to disguise its sea flavour.

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Trout Recipes

These trout recipes can be used whether you've caught the fish yourself or bought it from the fishmonger. Trout has a very delicate flavour and doesn't need loads of seasoning. The recipes would also be suitable for salmon.

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Are You Getting Enough

Your three seafood recipes for this week. Mackerel is your oily portion and there's seafood alfredo and baked fish in foil.

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Seafood Lasagne Recipes

Seafood Lasagne recipes including a tuna lasagne made in the slow cooker - variations for crabmeat lasagna, shellfish, smoked fish and white fish.

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Fish Soup Recipe

Delicious and warming fish soup recipe. Cullen Skink, which is a smoked haddock and potato soup.

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Easy Seafood Recipe

An easy seafood recipe. Salmon with ginger, coriander and lime. A tasty and quick recipe. Free seafood recipes.

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Recipe For Seafood Alfredo

Recipe for Seafood Alfredo. Delicious creamy alfredo sauce with seafood over pasta - simple enough for a midweek meal, tasty enough for a special occasion,

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Are You Getting Enough

Seafood recipes for pescatarians and fish lovers of any variety. Are you getting fish twice a week?

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Low Fat Fish Recipes

One of my low fat fish recipes adapted for the crockpot. Tomato sauce - splash of wine optional - garlic and green peppers - nobody will know they're on a diet ;-)

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Shrimp Rice Recipe

A tasty and versatile shrimp rice recipe. Very quick to prepare - one pot cooking at its best.

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Parsley Sauce

This parsley sauce recipe is ideal for fish. Step by step method with photo from making the roue. Hundreds of free fish and seafood recipes.

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Are You Getting Enough

Seafood recipes to ensure you're getting enough fish in your diet. Three recipes to add to your repertoire.

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Fish Stew

An easy fish stew using basa fish in a spicy tomato sauce - very tasty but simple to make and very adaptable to other white fish.

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Are You Getting Enough

Your weekly seafood recipes, printable shopping list and recipe prompts. Make sure you're getting enough this week.

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Grilled Salmon

This grilled salmon recipe with a lime marinade is good for barbecueing or grilling. The lime cuts through the oiliness of the salmon and gives a succulent flavour. You could use lemon if you prefer.

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Kedgeree is the ultimate combination of smoked fish and rice. It's traditionally a breakfast dish, but you could eat it at any time - it is so tasty and easy to make.

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Salmon Salad Recipes

This is one of my best salmon salad recipes. Salmon and egg with a mixed salad and dressing. Simple and easy to make.Serve with new potatoes or crusty bread for a complete meal.

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Salmon Recipe

An indian style salmon recipe. Salmon stew flavoured with tandoori masala - highly recommended - lovely colour, aroma and taste. Contributed by Alf Pedersen.

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Are You Getting Enough Issue 2

Get weekly seafood recipes delivered to your inbox. Eat more fish - it's good for your health.

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Grilled Mackerel

This grilled mackerel recipe is tasty and quick to prepare. Serve with some horseradish sauce, salad and new potatoes for a quick meal. One of your oily fish portions - full of Omega 3s

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Baked Cod Recipe

A delicious baked cod recipe, Cod Portuguese, using tomatoes, peppers and paprika. Quick enough for a family meal, tasty enough for a dinner party

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Recipe for Salmon Patties

This recipe for salmon patties is very tasty and you can use fresh or canned. Ideal for freezing, so you could easily double up quantities to give yourself a meal another day.

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Are You Getting Enough Issue 1

Two or three portions of seafood a week - are you getting enough? Tuna Pasta Casserole, Baked Salmon and Fish Pie. Get your share this week.

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Seafood Pate Recipe

Seafood Pate Recipe using salmon - you can use any fish you like in this basic recipe. Gorgeous, tasty and versatile recipe to make a seafood pate.

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Find a Seafood Recipe

Are you getting two portions of fish a week? Find some great seafood recipes here to make it easy for you. Seafood is easy and quick to cook.

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Shrimp Fajitas

Super tasty mexican shrimp fajitas. You can use a packet or make your own seasoning following these simple instructions.

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Speckled Trout Recipes

Speckled Trout Recipes. You can cook all these in under 10 minutes. Super simple, full of Vitamins and beneficial oils.

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Recipe for Seafood Pizza

Use this delicious and tasty recipe for seafood pizza. It's very simple and economical to make. Mix and match any types of seafood to use leftover fish.

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Fish Couscous

Fish couscous ticks all the boxes. Quick, easy, tasty, versatile and one pot cooking. You can use any fish or seafood, canned, frozen or fresh.

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Canned Tuna Recipes

Canned tuna recipes for budget meals, quick meals, kids cooking with you meals and it's extremely tasty. Many people love tuna who aren't keen on fish

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Fish Cake Recipe

Deliciously simple fish cake recipe make with smoked haddock topped with a poached egg. Absolutely delicious!

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Lobster Mac and Cheese Recipe

A great lobster mac and cheese recipe. What could be better than combining lobster and cheese. So quick to make and great for a party or family meal.

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