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Eat more seafood - low in fat, high in protein, minerals and essential fatty acids. Omega 3s aid brain development in children and protect overall health into later life. You can't afford not to know what's here - you owe it to yourself and your family.

Shrimp Scampi Recipe

This shrimp scampi recipe is a classic Italian-American dish. Quickly cooked in garlic and butter, it is mixed into hot linguine, scattered with herbs and topped with parmesan.

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Shrimp Salad Recipe

A super simple shrimp salad recipe that you can put together in next to no time. Would be a great main with some crusty bread or hot potatoes or try as a seafood appetizer

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Shrimp Fajitas

Super tasty mexican shrimp fajitas. You can use a packet or make your own seasoning following these simple instructions.

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Shrimp Curry Recipe

A reliable shrimp curry recipe that you can make very quickly. As long as you have a packet of shrimp in your freezer, this can be as quick as sending for a takeaway!

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Shrimp Cocktail Recipe

Popular shrimp cocktail recipe. Step by step tutorial with photos from how to make the sauce to putting it together.

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Shrimp Avocado Salad

Step by step tutorial with photos to make a super tasty shrimp avocado salad. This is so easy to make but stylish. Hundreds of pages of free seafood recipes

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Seafood Picnic Ideas

Fabulous seafood picnic ideas, sandwiches, quiche, pies, spreads and pates.

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Seafood Lunch

Seafood lunch ideas - it's great to have a lovely lunch with seafood. Can be double quick or long and leisurely

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Seafood Chowder Recipes

Seafood Chowder Recipes. Three different chowder recipes for you to experiment with. Add some fresh bread for a complete meal

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Seafood Augratin Recipe

Seafood Augratin recipe. Luxurious au gratin dish with plaice and prawns, topped with a herb and breadcrumb mixture.

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Salmon Recipe

An indian style salmon recipe. Salmon stew flavoured with tandoori masala - highly recommended - lovely colour, aroma and taste. Contributed by Alf Pedersen.

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Recipies For Seafood Scallops

Recipies for seafood scallops. A lovely pasta with scallops in tomato sauce and links to other scallop recipes. Pages of free fish and seafood recipes.

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Recipe for Baked Salmon

This recipe for baked salmon is a one pot dish - mediterranean vegetables and potatoes will all cook in the same pot and minimise washing up.

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Quiche Pastry: Perfect Every Time

Make a quiche pastry with your food processor in seconds - it takes longer to wash up than it does to make a perfect shortcrust pastry!

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Prawn Recipe

A lovely prawn recipe, the classic Prawn Provencale. Known as Shrimp or Scampi Provencale. Simple and quick to prepare and serve with buttered rice.

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Lo Carb Baked Fish Recipes

Lo Carb baked fish recipes. Fish is high in protein and low in saturated fats, making it the perfect protein for a lo carb diet.

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Kid Friendly Seafood Recipes

Kid friendly seafood recipes feature here. We should aim to make fish part of our diet at least two times a week. One of those portions should be oily fish.

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Halloween Seafood Ideas

Some great halloween seafood ideas to satisfy the pescatarians in your party.

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Fried Tilapia Fish Recipes

Looking in my recipe books for fried tilapia fish recipes, I came across this one with a piquant mayonnaise sauce.

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Fried Fish Recipe

Fried fish recipe. Classic Sole a la Meuniere - very simple but impressive - you could use much cheaper plaice fillets instead.

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Fish Stuffing Recipes

Some fish stuffing recipes for you to experiment with. Video for Baked Stuffed Trout and basic recipe herby stuffed mackerel with some variations that you can try with different fish and herbs.

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Fish Sauce

Here are seven of the best seafood and fish sauce recipes you will find. Hot, cold, cocktail and variations.

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Fish Recipes Microwave

Most fish recipes microwave beautifully. This microwaved cod recipe is very quick to prepare and will be cooked in minutes. Simple mid week meal for the family

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Fish in Foil

Cooking your fish in foil produces a succulent and tasty meal. It can also cut down on washing up and smells.

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Fish Cake Recipes

Cod fish cake recipes using leftover or fresh fish. Fish cakes are so tasty and comforting and really easy to make.

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Fish Batter Recipe

Simple step by step photo instructions to make the perfect fish batter recipe. Fish and chips relies on a great batter and you'll find the perfect recipe here.

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Easy Seafood Recipes

A collection of easy seafood recipes for you to try. Get started with this great selection of easy fish recipes

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Deep Fried Fish Recipes

Deep Fried Fish Recipes. Cod in Beer Batter - light and crispy. Fried fish recipes to tempt you.

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Canned Tuna Recipes

Canned tuna recipes for budget meals, quick meals, kids cooking with you meals and it's extremely tasty. Many people love tuna who aren't keen on fish

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Canned Seafood Recipes

Canned seafood recipes. Canned salmon with lemon mushroom sauce. Tasty and nutritious tinned seafood recipes. Free fish and seafood recipes.

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Breaded Fried Fish Recipe

This breaded fried fish recipe is for a lovely mildly spicy Indian style plaice goujons. It would be great as a starter for an Indian meal or as a main course.

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Beer Batter Recipe

This beer batter recipe has been sent in by a reader, Kate. It makes a brilliant, light and crispy batter for frying fish.

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Baked Salmon Recipes

Baked salmon recipes - very straight forward baked salmon with a dill and avocado mayonnaise. A great idea as part of a buffet or appetiser for a celebration meal.

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Are You Getting Enough

Your three seafood recipes for this week. Mackerel is your oily portion and there's seafood alfredo and baked fish in foil.

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Are You Getting Enough Issue 2

Get weekly seafood recipes delivered to your inbox. Eat more fish - it's good for your health.

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Are You Getting Enough Issue 1

Two or three portions of seafood a week - are you getting enough? Tuna Pasta Casserole, Baked Salmon and Fish Pie. Get your share this week.

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Are You Getting Enough

Seafood recipes for pescatarians and fish lovers of any variety. Are you getting fish twice a week?

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Are You Getting Enough

Seafood recipes to ensure you're getting enough fish in your diet. Three recipes to add to your repertoire.

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Are You Getting Enough

Your weekly seafood recipes, printable shopping list and recipe prompts. Make sure you're getting enough this week.

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African Fish Recipes

One of my African fish recipes adapted for the crockpot. A spicy fish stew from the Behin region of the African 'Slave Coast'.

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Cat Fish Recipe

Cat Fish Recipe. A hearty stew using cat fish and vegetables. A one pot meal that would be good at home or camping - use your catch of the day.

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Seafood Gumbo Recipe

A delicious seafood gumbo recipe with corn and crab claws. There are many versions of gumbo - this one is creamy and succulent with the juicy corn and luscious white crab meat.

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Trout Recipe

Barbecued Tarragon Trout Recipe. Fabulous marinade which would be great with any seafood. Prepare in advance and let your fish marinade in the fridge.

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Tilapia Fish Recipes

Tilapia fish recipes are becoming more popular as tilapia is now available to buy. This recipe for tilapia is cooked mediterranean style.

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What Can I Serve With Fish

What can I serve with fish is the most common question I get. It seems as though people have a mental block if your dinner doesn't involve meat. So, read on

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Seafood Stew

Seafood Stew recipe using haddock and seafood cocktail. A tasty and warming fish stew recipe.

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Seafood Pasta Recipe

Seafood Pasta Recipe. Seafood Florentine - glorious seafood, cheese pasta with spinach - all baked together and luscious.

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Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon

Step by step with photos to make scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, one of the best celebration breakfast recipes.

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Seven Perfect Seafood Pasta Recipes

These seven perfect seafood pasta recipes will give you a great basis for cooking many different dishes. Pasta is so quick, easy and inexpensive - just right to feed a hungry family

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