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Eat more seafood - low in fat, high in protein, minerals and essential fatty acids. Omega 3s aid brain development in children and protect overall health into later life. You can't afford not to know what's here - you owe it to yourself and your family.

Walnut Crusted Fish Recipe

Walnut crusted fish recipe. Fish fillets with a crunchy walnut coating - pan fried in butter. Simple and quick but elegant enough for a dinner party. It is also a low carb fish recipe.

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Seafood Fondue Recipes

Seafood Fondue recipes with accompaniaments - great ideas for seafood fondue. A lovely seafood platter with salads and dips.

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Tilapia Fish Recipe

Tilapia fish recipe. Pan fried tilapia fish in a wine sauce. Absolutely delicious and so quick to cook.

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Tilapia Recipe

Southern Fried Tilapia Recipe. Very much like the famous chicken recipe but using tilapia fish fillets. Everybody will love it.

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Salmon Fish Recipe

Salmon fish recipe. Pan fried salmon with cherry tomatoes and ginger. Free seafood recipe site.

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Rubios Fish Taco Recipe

The famous Rubios Fish Taco Recipe - wonderful combination of crispy battered fish, sauce, salsa and cabbage - Rubio's has been voted 'best cheap eat' - cook 'em at home and make it even cheaper :-)

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Rainbow Trout Recipe

Rainbow Trout recipe pan fried with red onion and orange relish. Free seafood recipe site.

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Dover is the 'true' sole. Chefs prize it for its mild, buttery sweet flavor. Classic simple but perfect sole meuniere recipe.

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Recipe for Salt Fish

Recipe for salt fish. A traditional Greek recipe using salt cod with a garlic sauce. You need to soak the fish, so plan to make this a day ahead

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Basa Fish

Basa fish is a lovely white fish. See how versatile it can be with this spicy Indian and rice dish, served with a cool minty yoghurt dressing.

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Seafood Appetizer Recipe

Seafood Appetizer Recipe. Garlic prawns and scallops - smell and taste divine, quick and easy to cook.. Free seafood and fish recipes

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Fish Taco Recipes

Fish taco recipes make great party food. You can assemble the salads and sauce and let people put them together themselves. Good for kids and adults - just like Rubios

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Fish and Chips Recipes

Fish and chips recipes. Lovely crunchy, light beer batter and the method to get perfect chips to go with your fish.

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Fish Batter Recipes

Fish batter recipes. Recipes for batter, beer batter, lager batter, tempura batter, blender batter

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Fish Balls Recipe

A fish balls recipe that the kids will love (and the grown ups) Simple to prepare and it's a way of using leftover potato and fish.

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Dover Sole Recipe

The simplest dover sole recipe is the best. Dovers are unusual in that they are best when the fish are two or three days old.

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Cajun Catfish Recipe

Spicy cajun catfish recipe. Quick to prepare and cook and you'll very likely have the spices and herbs you need in the cupboard. This mix would work well on any fish.

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Whole Baked Sea Bream

A fantastic one pot whole baked sea bream. A super simple method with minimal washing up and preparation.

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Seafood Stew Recipes

Seafood Stew recipes - delicious ideas and combinations for making fish stews. Very quick and simple to make.

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Quick Prawn Curry

This is a really quick prawn curry that you can make from the storecupboard and freezer. It's even quicker than going to the takeaway.

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Salmon with Pasta

Salmon with pasta. This is a fabulous recipe, using smoked salmon with pasta and a creamy sauce. Great for using leftovers.

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Pan Fry Fish Recipes

Pan fry fish recipes are some of the easiest, quickest and tastiest fish meals. They take just a few minutes to cook and are tasty and nutritious.

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Seafood Marinara Recipe

Authentic seafood marinara recipe with prawns, scallops, anchovies and oysters in a tomato and wine sauce - all served over lovely hot pasta.

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Seafood Pate Recipe

Seafood Pate Recipe using salmon - you can use any fish you like in this basic recipe. Gorgeous, tasty and versatile recipe to make a seafood pate.

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Pickled Fish Recipe

A pickled fish recipe for Soused Herrings cooked in the crockpot. You could also pickle mackerel, sardines and pilchards this way.

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Cooking Salmon Fillet

This easy way of cooking salmon fillet uses the slow cooker. Super, simple method to get it right first time, you can cook your potatoes in the same pot.

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Fish Recipes With Wine

Fish Recipes With Wine adapted for the CrockPot Trout in Wine Sauce, Poached Salmon in Wine.

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Crockpot Seafood Chowder Recipe

A crockpot seafood chowder recipe for you to experiment with. Use a mixture of fish and vegetables to get a unique taste for yourself. Hundreds of free fish and seafood recipes.

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Crab Cake Recipe

Gorgeous crab cake recipe - really meaty serve with salad and delicious crab cake sauce recipe.

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Crab Cake Sauce

This crab cake sauce recipe is a lovely herby mayonnaise and is ideal as a dipping sauce or dressing.

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Crab Balls

This recipe for crab balls is delicious - succulent crab meat inside a crispy breadcrumb coating. Serve with a chopped salad as a starter.

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Fish Appetizer Recipes

One of the most versatile fish appetizer recipes is crab and avocado and you will find recipes for this and more here

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Fresh Crab

Fresh crab - how to cook and prepare a crab. Instructions to dress a cooked crab

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Tuna Sandwich

Step by step photo tutorial - how to make a tuna sandwich. Simple, basic method for making a tasty seafood sandwich.

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Salmon Salad Recipes

This is one of my best salmon salad recipes. Salmon and egg with a mixed salad and dressing. Simple and easy to make.Serve with new potatoes or crusty bread for a complete meal.

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Seafood Salad Sandwich Recipe

Seafood Salad Sandwich Recipe using a mixture of canned or smoked fish and salad - layered into a club sandwich.

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Seafood Soup Recipe Index

Seafood Soup Recipe Index. A variety of seafood soups, italian, boullibaise, bisque and basic family soups.

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Shrimp Recipes

Shrimp recipes from appetizers to curries through mexican, italian and chinese. Shrimp is so versatile - low in carbs, high in protein. Hundreds of free seafood recipes.

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Seafood Pasta Salad Recipes

Seafood pasta salad recipes and great ideas for pasta salad with seafood

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Crab Stuffed Fish Recipe

Crab stuffed fish recipe. Rolled Plaice fillets with a crab mousse line stuffing fit for the finest dinner table.

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Canned Salmon Recipe

Canned Salmon Recipe. Tinned salmon is a versatile and tasty alternative to fresh. Try a salmon quiche, salmon fishcakes, sandwiches.

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Mexican Fish Recipe

A mexican fish recipe using a spicy tomato sauce and tortillas to make quesadillas. Also taco, fajitas, enchiladas - a Mexican feast

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Italian Fish Recipe

Italian fish recipe - tuna, capers and anchovies with pasta. Italian Seafood Soup, seafood marinara and more

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Canned Sardines Recipe

A lovely canned sardines recipe. A tasty salad and a quick method of garlic bread - prepared in minutes for when you're pushed for time. Tinned fish is a great standby.

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Tuna Fish Casserole Recipes

Tuna Fish Casserole recipes using storecupboard ingredients. Tasty, quick one pot cooking - perfect for your holiday trip or a family meal.

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Canned Salmon Recipes

Canned salmon recipes - these crispy salmon bites with a tasty dip are really popular with the kids, make salmon couscous, fishcakes, quiche - very versatile. Tinned salmon makes a true storecupboard meal, ready in next to no time.

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Clam Chowder Recipe

Clam Chowder Recipe. Chowder recipe using canned fish. Free seafood recipe site with a section dedicated to tinned fish.

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Canned Tuna Fish Recipes

Canned Tuna Fish Recipes. Tasty and versatile. Lasagne, spaghetti, fish cakes, snacks, quick and easy storecupboard recipes

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Recipe For Tuna Fish Salad

A recipe for tuna fish salad - tuna nicoise. Perfect combination of fresh tasting ingredients and tangy seafood will make your taste buds zing!

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