Fried Fish Recipes

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Fish and Chips

Fried fish recipes for you to enjoy and experiment with.

I love fried fish, from goujons with dips to good old fish and chips with batter as light as air.

I will help you make the perfect chips and batter plus give some more ideas on how to serve fried fish.

Japanese tempura batter, beer batter, ordinary batter - I'm afraid there's no lo-cal option here but once in a while, deep fried fish won't hurt you.

Fish cooks very quickly, so these fried fish recipes are all quick to cook. The preparation is quite straightforward too.

Some general guidelines for fried fish recipes

  • Use fresh oil - you can strain it after use and store it in a sealed jar, but once it becomes cloudy, then throw it away and start again.
  • If you have a thermometer or deep fat fryer with a thermostat, the oil needs to be about 190C or 375F for successful frying. The fish then seals as soon as it hits the oil.
  • If you don't have a deep fat fryer with a thermostat or thermometer you can tell when the oil is the right temperature by waiting until there is a smoky haze, then put in a cube of bread - if it browns and floats straight to the top, then the oil is ready for the fish.
  • Don't put too many pieces in the fryer at once - the fish will steam and your batter won't be crispy.
  • Stir fried fish only takes 30 to 90 seconds to cook depending on the size of the pieces- don't overcook.
  • Pan fried fish recipes are perfect for cooking for one - quick, tasty and nutritious.
  • Shallow frying is a good alternative to deep frying - it uses less oil. Seal the fish on both sides quickly - put your pieces in the pan, leave for a few seconds, turn and then begin your cooking.
  • Cook in batches if your pan isn't big enough to take all the fish at once - you can keep the cooked fish in a dish in a warm oven for the few minutes it takes to cook the next batch.
  • Serve your fish as soon as you can - prepare all the vegetables and sauces before you start cooking your fish.
  • If you're deep frying your fish, then don't use the basket if you're using batter - it will stick. Instead, use a slotted spoon or fish slice to get your fish out once it's cooked.

I hope you enjoy these fried fish recipes. In the North of England, it is common practice to use dripping to cook fish and chips - I love it, but it's seriously bad for your arteries!

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