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Liz Alderson

I have had a passion for cooking for as long back as I can remember.

My mother hardly ever cooked when I was a child - she always said that if you could tell the time and read you could cook!

My dad did the majority of the cooking in our house - and a really good job he made of it too and continued up until he died in May 2005. My mum has been able to put her theory to the test and finds that she can cook ;-) We both miss dad like mad...

My grandmother was the person who got me interested in cooking as a youngster - we used to stand at the table (the very one that's in my dining room now) well she stood on the floor and I stood on a chair! and bake pastries and cakes.

She taught me to make pastry as light as a feather and we used to go and pick bilberries on the moors in Derbyshire behind her home to make jams and pies - we had a lot of fun and every time I go past my dining table, I think of her.

Over the years, I developed my own style of cooking.

In 1984, my parents and I bought a wet fish business - I used my passion for cooking to develop recipes for our customers.

Every week, we would decide what fish was on promotion and I would create a few recipes, photocopy them and we would hand them out to our customers.

This website is a collection of those recipes, plus some others I have researched and developed according to demand.

If you're looking for a particular recipe and you can't find it, let me know - I'm good at finding things!

If you've got a recipe you'd like to share, then send it in - I'd be delighted to add it to this site and give you the credit.

Any tips you'd like to share - like, how do you stop the smell of fish invading your house - would be a good place to start - then please send them in.

I'll send a recipe book to anyone who sends in their tips or recipes.

Start writing in that little box below and it magically expands - I've not put it to the test, but I expect you could write a novel in it ;-)

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