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As well as the recipes, you will get full serving suggestions, which answers the most common question I get asked - what do I serve with fish?

We know we should eat more fish - it's quick and easy to cook, high in minerals and vitamins, high in protein and the majority is low in fat and easy to digest - the perfect food but what to serve with it?

On all of my recipes, you will get suggestions of what you could serve - it can be something as easy as crusty bread to mop up the sauces or salad, buttered potatoes, vegetables - loads of ideas.

I occasionally get notified of special discounts offered by online fish suppliers - you'll get notified about those too.

Food is getting so expensive these days, a saving is always welcome.

Why 7 recipes? Well, it's a nice number and you can aim to try one or two a week over the month to build up a repertoire of seafood recipes. It's not overwhelming and there's bound to be something you would like to try.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions or requests.

As a welcome gift and to get you started, you will receive a free 5 part eCourse, 50 Fish and Seafood Soup Recipes. The instructions to start the course are on the Thank You page which you will be taken to automatically after completing the subscription box below.

Once you've joined the subscription, you'll receive the next issue - there are very strict rules about using your email address and I'm not allowed to use it for any other reason than to send the magazine, so rest assured, that you will not be bombarded with emails - one or maybe two a month will be it and I keep them short and sweet.

Course Contents

Part 1 - Introduction plus the first ten recipes

Part 2 - Conversion Charts, General Guidelines and ten recipes

Part 3 - Shellfish - preparing, cooking, using and ten recipes

Part 4 - Fish, veg, herbs and spices preparation and ten recipes

Part 5 - Stock, thickening, serving suggestions and ten recipes

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