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Are you getting enough?
You should be getting at least two portions a week.

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The Western diet creates problems - health problems. Many of us are overweight and suffer from First World Diseases - heart, vascular, digestive and cancers. A lot of these issues are rare in countries where there is a high proportion of seafood eaten on a regular basis, even though their diet is high in fat - something we've always thought of as 'public enemy number 1'. 

When you see 'low fat' on a packet, think 'chemical s**t storm' or 'high sugar content' - sugar and processed food is the problem and we need to get back to basics. 

We eat too much meat - there's no doubt about it. Aiming for one vegetable day and two days eating seafood a week, will halve the amount of meat you eat. That's going to make you and your family healthier. It will cut your chemical and sugar intake dramatically without you having to think about it. 

Fish is an excellent source of protein, calcium, minerals and vitamins. It's mostly low in fat but where it is oily, they're the 'good' oils - Omega 3s which help prevent high cholesterol. In fact, one portion of your two or three a week should be oily fish. Oily fish has valuable Vitamin D, which we mostly get through sunshine - in the Northern Hemisphere, in winter, it's hard to get enough. Dark complexioned people have bigger problems than light complexioned people. .

Fish Facts

  • One 3.5 ounce portion of salmon contains more than the daily recommended intake of Vitamin D.¬†
  • It also contains Vitamins B6 and B12 along with Omega 3s

Fresh or canned - there's little difference in the nutritional values. 

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Microwaving Fish - how to cook fish in the microwave, recipe ideas, should you defrost fish in the microwave and how to get rid of fish smells. 

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Fried Fish - three methods with example recipes for each PLUS safety advice and what to do if you do get burned. 

Baked Seafood Issue #7 Publishing Date 3rd November 2016

baked seafood

As well as the recipes, you will get full serving suggestions, which answers the most common question I get asked - what do I serve with fish?

We know we should eat more fish - it's quick and easy to cook, high in minerals and vitamins, high in protein and the majority is low in fat and easy to digest - the perfect food but what to serve with it?

On all of my recipes, you will get suggestions of what you could serve - it can be something as easy as crusty bread to mop up the sauces or salad, buttered potatoes, vegetables - loads of ideas.

I occasionally get notified of special discounts offered by online fish suppliers - you'll get notified about those too.

Food is getting so expensive these days, a saving is always welcome.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions or requests.

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Course Contents

Part 1 - Introduction plus the first ten recipes

Part 2 - Conversion Charts, General Guidelines and ten recipes

Part 3 - Shellfish - preparing, cooking, using and ten recipes

Part 4 - Fish, veg, herbs and spices preparation and ten recipes

Part 5 - Stock, thickening, serving suggestions and ten recipes

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