Fish Sauce Recipes

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parsley sauce for fish

In these fish sauce recipes, I'm going to give you recipes for sauces, stuffings and dressings that can be served with seafood.

Fish is very versatile and tasty on its own, but sometimes, the flavour and experience can be enhanced with the addition of a sauce.

If there's something special you'd like, please contact me.

The use of a blender or processor makes life a little easier, but most of these sauces can be made without.

Here you will find fish sauce recipes for the classic Hollandaise and Bearnaise including instructions on how to make them in your blender.

Mayonnaise, with variations to make seafood cocktail sauce and tartar sauce - plus a blender recipe.

I also have a quick way of making vinaigrette dressing which I'll share with you.

Savoury butters go well with poached fish, and there are some ideas here for that.

Vegetable and Fruit sauces are often served with fish and there are several ideas to ring the changes there.

Included within the fish sauce recipes are instructions for making fish stock which can be the base of either soups, stews or sauces.

Plenty of ideas here to get you creating your own unique combinations.

If you have any fish sauce recipes you would like to submit, then please feel free to use the form on the Contact page.

In the same way, if there are any fish sauce recipes you are looking for - please get in touch.

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