fresh crab legs

There have been so many requests for crab recipes and advice about dealing with it live, that I have made a separate section.

There is a huge debate on the best way to deal with live.

I couldn't possibly tear a live one apart as some people do - there's loads of videos on youtube showing this and I don't really like the thoughts of it.

I often buy them pre-cooked and dress them myself, but I will sometimes buy them live and cook them.

There are instructions for dressing and cooking live crab here.

I don't want any hate mail from the crustacean liberation front please!

crab cake sauce

Crab Cake Sauce

Crab and Avocado
This fish appetizer is delicious. Instructions here for a variety of methods of serving this classic combination.

Crab Balls
Crispy fried crabmeat in a breadcrumb coating. Lovely served with fresh salad.

Crab Cakes
Lovely fresh crab cakes with dipping sauce recipes.

Crab Dipping Sauce
A lovely herby mayonnaise to use with any fish.

Plaice Stuffed with Crab Mousse

A poached plaice with a delightfully tasty stuffing.

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