Seafood Stew

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Seafood Stew

This seafood stew uses haddock and mixed seafood cocktail. 

You could use any white fish and mussels, whelks, cockles or whatever mixture of frozen seafood you prefer.

A mixture of wet and smoked haddock would be nice as it would give a bit of smoky flavor to the stew.

Avoid oily fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel and similar. They do tend to make a layer of grease.

If you like your stews a bit thicker, then you could either use cornstarch (cornflour) for thickening or finely grate half of the potato into the cooking liquid.

This will thicken up the liquid quite effectively.

A complete meal in one pot which is good for washing up :-)

Mixed Fish Stew
1lb (450g) haddock - skinned, boned and cut into bite sized chunks
1lb (450g) seafood cocktail - defrosted
1 onion - peeled and chopped
1 clove garlic - peeled and crushed
2 fish stock cubes with 1 pint water or 1 pint fish or vegetable stock
1 can chopped tomatoes or passata 
1.5 lbs (675g) peeled cubed potatoes
1 tbspn olive oil
8 oz (225g) peas or mixed veg - defrosted
handful fresh chopped parsley
salt and pepper to taste

Heat the oil in a large pan and gently fry the onion and garlic until softened.

Add the stock and tomatoes (if using cubes, dissolve in 1 pint of boiling water) and bring to the boil.

Add the potatoes and simmer for about 10 minutes or so until they're tender.

Add the fish and peas and simmer for 2 minutes.

Add the seafood cocktail and parsley and simmer for a further 2 minutes.

Serve immediately - I like crusty bread and butter with this (actually, I like crusty bread and butter period)

Cook's Notes

Fish stews are extremely quick to cook - the vegetables may take a while to soften or thicken, but once the fish is in the hot liquid, it takes a few minutes. 

I make a stock with the trimmings or I use a fish stock cube - try a few to see which you like best - then I cook the vegetables in the stock until they are the level of 'doneness' that I like. 

The fish goes in a few minutes before I'm ready to serve - that's it, job done. 

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Seafood Stew

By , Mar 27, 2017

Seafood Stew

Really tasty, quick and easy to make seafood stew. Great one pot meal for a simple family meal.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes

Yield: 4

Main Ingredient: white fish, seafood cocktail, potatoes, peas, tomato