Low Carb Fish

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chopped salad

Low carb fish is great if you're wanting to do a day or two low carbing to clear some weight or fluid retention.

This salad will be around 4 to 5 grams of carb - which is perfect for a lunch or quick evening meal.

You can chop up loads and keep it in a plastic box in the fridge for around 3 days, so you can just dip in and grab a cupful or two.

I use a whole can of drained tuna on top of this salad - maybe a boiled egg, some mayonnaise - a piece of grilled fish (hot makes a lovely contrast) you can just brush that with some olive oil and a couple of twists of pepper. It is really versatile - great for a lunch box if you need to take something to work.

This link goes to the Atkins Carb Counter - the most comprehensive carb counter you will find.

tomato on chopping board

Take a sharp knife and cut the core out of a medium sized tomato - just push the point in and cut round it.

core removed from tomato
sliced tomato

Cut into slices then each slice into strips.

You can chop it up roughly if you like, but this makes neat dice.

slicing tomato
dicing tomato

Cut each slice across to make the dice.

Put it into a serving bowl.

diced tomato
sliced cucumber

Slice about 2 inches of cucumber.

Cut each ring across - you can probably stack three or four together to speed up the process, but I'm demonstrating with one

sliced cucumber
diced cucumber

so you can see clearly how to do it.

Cut the cucumber across into neat dice.

Add it to the bowl.

diced tomato and cucumber
bell pepper

Take a small piece of green pepper - red or yellow would be OK, but green is lower in carbs.

Remove the seeds and slice into rings.

sliced green bell pepper
diced green bell pepper

Chop the rings into neat dice, roughly the same size as the other salad you've chopped already.

Add it to the bowl.

chopped salad in bowl

I season this with salt and pepper only and give it a good stir round to let the flavors mingle.

A whole can of tuna, a couple of boiled eggs, a piece of plain grilled fish make a great lunch.

You could use cold meats as well if you prefer - this is a seafood site, but hey :-)

chopped salad

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Low Carb Fish

By , Mar 20, 2017

Low Carb Fish - salad to serve with any fish

Simple low carb fish recipe.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 0 minutes

Yield: 1 or more

Main Ingredient: cucumber, tomato, bell pepper