Tuna Sandwich

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A tuna sandwich can fill the gap any time - lunch box, tea time, party time - any occasion.

One tin of tuna will make sandwiches for four people - four rounds of two slices of bread.

tuna sandwich

tuna in a bowl

Empty one 7oz/200g can of tuna into a bowl to make four sandwiches.

Add a tablespoon of mayonnaise.

tuna and mayonnaise in a bowl

tuna, mayonnaise, paprika in a bowl

Add a few twists of pepper and a shake of paprika if you like.

Stir the tuna mixture well with a fork.

mixed tuna sandwich filling

buttered bread with cucumber slices

Butter your bread and put a layer of finely sliced cucumber on the bottom slice.

Top with the tuna mixture and put the second slice on top to make a sandwich.

tuna mixture on slice of bread

Cut the sandwich into four - I like triangles, some people like squares - it's a matter of choice.

You can see the lovely juicy tuna oozing out of the sandwich here!

Make sure that you have some paper towel nearby so that people can mop their hands - seafood sandwiches are often messy because mayonnaise is used quite a lot to bind the fillings.

tuna sandwich on a plate

Cook's Notes

Variations for your tuna sandwich:

  • Cooked sweetcorn, either out of a tin, fresh or defrosted from the freezer is a great choice to mix into your tuna and mayonnaise mixture. 
  • Try diced onion mixed in - about a half a medium onion for one can of tuna will be the right mixture. Put a layer of washed and dried salad leaves on top. 
  • I frequently dice my cucumber and mix through evenly before I spread it on the bread. 
  • Diced tomato is another good addition to the tuna mayonnaise mixture - or a combination of cucumber and tomato makes it really succulent. 

Whilst fresh tuna is classed as an oily fish and so counts as an oily fish serving, canned tuna isn't. The canning process destroys the oils in the tuna - here's a pubMed article about tuna fish and the various cooking methods, explaining their findings into how much of the healthy oils are lost during the canning process. 

However, canned tuna is full of protein and it's extremely tasty - it's also one of the fish that people who say 'I don't really like fish' will eat.  It has no bones, it's meaty in texture and will go into many different dishes. 

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Tuna Sandwich

By , Mar 31, 2016

Tuna Sandwich

Super simple tuna sandwich recipe - great for a buffet, picnic or snack.

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook time: minutes

Yield: 4

Main Ingredient: tuna, mayonnaise, bread