Salmon Recipe

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Salmon Recipe - Indian Style

This salmon recipe is from my friend Alf Pedersen who has this tip for getting children to eat fish.

BTW: My trick to get children to eat fish, is: For each bone they find, I pay them 5 NOK (50p), provided they clear the plate. That will make them keep going...

Indian Salmon

Ingredients for a 5 l. caserole:

3 l. whole milk
8-10 cloves garlic (Yes!)
1 kg. salmon fillet (skin/bone free
1 box peeled shrimps (in salt water)
Some potatoes (5-6 big)
Some carrots (4)
Other seafood products if you want (clams etc)
Onion (1 big)
Salt to taste
Tandori Massala spice (The key ingredient)

Make a white base (melt butter, whip in flour, and blend in milk) to make a basic white soup, and bring it to simmering.

Salt to taste.

Whip in Tandori Massala spice (at least 3 table spoons, but to your taste).

Chop potatoes in edible sizes. Chop carrots into small, thin strips. The thinner the better. The point is, they must fit into the guest's spoon...

Put potatoes, carrots, and the crushed garlic into the caserole together with the chopped onion.

Let it simmer.

When the potatoes are 10 mins. from being cooked, add in the salmon, cut into small squares (dices), together with the shrimps (and other seafood if you want).

When the salmon and potatoes are done, so are you. You are ready to serve it.

Served with plenty of garlic bread, and white wine... and a spoonful of thick cream would be good.

This will create a pink coloured, spicy salmon stew, and nobody will ever guess how it's done :-) Hope you'll try this salmon recipe - it's very tasty.


Cook's Notes

I love spicy food and often use fish or shrimps to add some variety to my curries. 

A favourite of mine is to have a shrimp curry, a chicken curry, bombay potatoes and rice - I add in some naan breads and can imagine I'm sat in a restaurant having a lovely meal out.

I have got the washing up to do, but it's cost me a fraction of the price *and* I get the leftovers to eat the next day.

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Indian Salmon

By , Mar 30, 2016

Salmon Recipe

This tasty salmon recipe is from my friend Alf Pedersen who has this tip for getting children to eat fish.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes

Yield: 2

Main Ingredient: salmon fillet