Poached Fish Recipes

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Fresh Salmon in fishmongers

Poached fish recipes can be simple or complex. The poaching of the fish is not hard, but sometimes the sauce making appears to be complicated.  It's really not, but some people panic when they hear 'sauce'. I have made a short video on making parsley sauce, using a white sauce as the base. From the white sauce, you can make many different ones, cheese, onion etc. 

It's not impossible to get right and I'll give you tips where I can.

The poaching liquid can be water, court bouillon, fish stock, milk, wine or a mixture and the fish can be fillets, rolls, steaks or whole.

A whole poached salmon makes the most wonderful centrepiece at a buffet and sole veronique is a marvelous main course for a sophisticated dinner party.

Poaching a whole fish is simplicity itself - wrap the fish in buttered foil, put it into cold water, bring it up to simmering, turn the heat off ,put a lid on the pan and leave it to cool.

Don't put the fish into boiling poaching liquid - the skin will shrink and break the fish up.

Don't let the poaching liquid boil - just break into a simmer - a rolling boil will break the fish.

If you have a very large whole fish then you can either use a fish kettle or cut it into pieces to fit your available pans - just rejoin when serving and cover the joins with garnish - cucumber, mayonnaise etc.

Right - any questions about poached fish recipes, email me please - any specific recipe - email me - use the form on the contact page and I'll get back to you - I'm not precious about my email address, just don't put it on the website to be 'harvested' by robots :-)

Poached Salmon with Watercress Sauce
A delicious combination and a great idea for a themed St Patricks Day menu using this salmon dish as your main course if you don't fancy champ and colcannon ;-)

Poached Salmon

A simple method of poaching salmon that works every time on any size piece of fish - from a steak to a whole salmon.

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Poached Fish Recipes

By , Mar 22, 2017

Poached fish recipes

Simple instructions on how to poach fish with salmon recipes.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 20 minutes

Yield: 10

Main Ingredient: fish fillets, steaks or whole