Grilled Mackerel

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grilled mackerel

This grilled mackerel recipe would be great for a quick tea.

Mackerel is an oily fish and is good as one of your two oily portions of fish a week that you should be getting to combat heart disease.

It's best eaten fresh and grilled or barbecued.

Horseradish sauce is good with mackerel - it helps cut through the oiliness - particularly good with smoked mackerel.

Here, you're going to grill or broil it (depending on where you live, the method is the same, but the term is different)

Mackerel reminds me of summer holidays spent in Cornwall when I was a child - there were always boats going out from the harbours advertising mackerel fishing trips.

The salad is one I use often. I don't like big lumps and slices of salad stuff - it's boring and most people get fed up eating it - it becomes a chore!

The ingredients are just suggestions - use whatever you like but dice it and dress it with vinaigrette.

Grilled Mackerel

1 kg (2.2.lbs) new potatoes
4 fillets of mackerel
olive oil to brush
4 tomatoes
1/4 cucumber
1 pepper - any colour
small can drained sweetcorn
few sticks of celery
3 tablespoons vinaigrette dressing

Put the potatoes on to boil - about 20 minutes, until tender.

Prepare the salad.

Slice and dice the salad ingredients into quite small pieces - you're aiming for 1/4 inch dices - slice the tomatoes and then cut into strips, then dice - same with the cucumber and pepper.

Slice the celery very finely.

Mix in a large bowl and coat with the vinaigrette - leave in the fridge to chill whilst you cook the fish.

Heat the grill to high - broiler 

Brush the mackerel with oil and grill for about 3 minutes either side.

It cooks very quickly - you can tell it's cooked when it's firm to the touch.

Serve with the boiled buttered new potatoes and salad.

If you like offer some horseradish sauce to serve.

Cook's Notes

Mackerel is a fish that I always remember having when I went to Cornwall on holiday when I was a child. The fishing boats would go out in the mornings and come back laden with mackerel. We'd buy it straight from the harbour off the boats. 

I remember seeing people who went on day fishing trips, coming back to the camp sites with fresh mackerel on a string - their catch for the day. The skin colours were so pretty. 

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