Smoked Salmon Pate

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This Smoked Salmon Pate tutorial is on two pages so that the photos don't take too long to load on the page.

The pate can be made in minutes - so simple and straightforward.

You will need:-

  • 100g (4oz/1c) smoked salmon
  • 100g (4oz/1c) cream cheese
  • lemon
  • parsley
smoked salmon pate with toast

I used smoked salmon trimmings - they are considerably cheaper than smoked salmon slices.

When you're making pate, you're only going to break it up anyway.

smoked salmon trimmings in packet

Here they are out of the packet.

There may be some darker bits - those are the pieces close to the salmon skin.

Sort through and remove any bones that you find as you won't want them in your pate.

smoked salmon trimmings

Here's the cheese - once again, I used store's own brand which is very reasonably priced.

There's little to choose and as you're adding seasonings to the pate yourself, not much point in spending a fortune.

cream cheese

Faithful old herb chopper and board again.

It makes light work of the parsley as the double blade rocks back and forth and it's contained in the little bowl on the board.

herb chopper and board

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Smoked Salmon Pate

By , Mar 26, 2016

Smoked Salmon Pate

Smoked fish makes great pate and smoked salmon is my personal favourite. I've even worked out a low fat Weight Watchers recipe for when I'm losing weight!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 0 minutes

Yield: 4

Main Ingredient: smoked salmon, cream cheese