How to Get Rid of Fish Smells in Your Microwave

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How to get rid of microwave fish smells

I love fish but I hate the smell it can leave in the microwave.

You can minimise it by using steam or cooking bags, but the smell does seem to linger.

This method of steam cleaning your microwave is simple - you just wait 10 minutes, then wipe away the inside and it'd done - no scrubbing or soaking.

White vinegar is a great all round cleaner but do be careful as it can cause pitting in marble and other stone worktops. 

Here's the inside of my microwave oven before treatment.

I will say it is very old and has marks on the base but is functional and I'm in no hurry to spend any money!

I forgot to put a lid on some baked beans - hence the top!

It does have a fish smell as I'd just cooked some salmon.

Inside of microwave

So the magic ingredients are white distilled vinegar and water!

Take 1 cup of vinegar (1/4 pint, 150 ml) and the same amount of water.

Put it in a jug or bowl.

white vinegar and water

Place the jug inside the microwave and turn it on high for 10 minutes.

It will be very steamy when you open the door, so be careful.

Get a cloth to remove the jug from the microwave - this will help protect your hand from the steam. 

jug in microwave

Using a soft cloth, wipe the inside of the microwave.

If you have a turntable, remove that (careful, it will be warm) and wipe both sides of it.

The baked on food wipes off easily and the inside of your microwave will smell fresh and clean.

clean inside the microwave

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