How to Cook Salmon

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cooked salmon steaks

How to cook salmon - get it right first time, every time with this easy, foolproof method.  I've written this over two pages so that there are fewer photos to load, making it quicker. 

This method works for any size of salmon fillet, steak, whole fish (you'll need a fish kettle for a whole fish or cut it into portions to fit the pan size you have, then reassemble it after cooking, if you want to serve it in on one large platter).  It will work for any fish at all really. 

The science is simple, the larger the piece of fish, the longer the water takes to come to the boil, the longer the water takes to go cold, so the method works for all sizes of salmon and any other fish too. It gives a similar result to poaching except you don't have to worry about the fish falling apart in the cooking water and you can season inside the aluminium foil the same you would in poaching water. 

You will need

  • salmon
  • tinfoil - aluminium 
  • oil and brush
  • large pan to fit the size of fillet/steaks
  • seasonings of your choice

Start off with your salmon fillet(s) - you may recognise these frozen salmon fillets as the ones I froze here

You can see why it's important to bag them separately as I've left two in the bag and these have come out easily.

salmon fillet raw

Take a piece of tinfoil about 4 times the size of your fish.

Turn it dull side up and brush it with some oil so that your salmon doesn't stick.

cooking oil on the foil

Put your piece of salmon in the centre.

You can cook it plain or add some seasoning - pepper, lemon juice, white wine - your choice depending on what you want to do after you cook it.

wrapping salmon in foil ready for cooking

I left this plain as I am going to cook fish cakes with it.

Wrap the foil tightly round - bring it up over the salmon and fold it over to make it watertight to cook, then do the ends the same to seal it to make a parcel. 

salmon wrapped in foil ready to be put in the pan

Step 2 - Cooking Salmon

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How to Cook Salmon

By , Mar 18, 2016

How to Cook Salmon

How to cook salmon perfectly every time.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 30 minutes

Yield: 4 portions

Main Ingredient: Salmon

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