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Super Bowl Party Ideas - Shrimp Cocktail, Tuna Sandwich and Smoked Salmon Dip
January 15, 2013

Hello :-)

I hope this email finds you well.

Happy New Year to you all - I hope that it brings everything you wish for.

February 3rd is Super Bowl Party Time and everybody is looking for ideas for buffet parties.

I thought I'd give you three suggestions for seafood recipes that would be great for Super Bowl.

Well, first off, Shrimp Cocktail - super simple with step by step photos.

Make one large bowlful of it - shredded lettuce at the bottom and the cocktail piled on top, decorate with lemon wedges.

Next is lovely, juicy tuna, mayo and cucumber sandwiches.

A platter of these will go down a treat with the non-meat eaters.

Make sure you've got paper towel as the fillings are a bit juicy and will spill out!

Next is a Smoked Salmon Dip which is great with bread sticks, vegetable strips, cheese straws, toast points, melba toasts, crackers, potato chips, nachos - it goes on and on!!

A pot or two of this will go down really well.

Thank you for your feedback after the last tutorials I published - you're all very kind. I hope the photos are clear enough - it's difficult to strike a balance between clarity and loading time of a page.

If you have any specific things you'd like to see me demonstrate, then I'm planning a Cookery Course - let me know what causes you difficulties or you'd like some help on and I'll do a Tutorial for you.

Email me at Liz at - replace with @ and no spaces.

In the pipeline - ie photographed but waiting to be uploaded - are fish cakes, parsley sauce, tuna pasta salad - quite a few actually.

Well, I won't bore you - promised to keep the newsletters short and to the point.

Some of you may know that I also write a herb website.

I have recently uploaded a 2 part eCourse 8 Essential Culinary Herbs.

It is a thank you for subscribers to my Herb Guide Newsletter.

If you want a copy, go here and subscribe - that starts the process that will take you to the page where you can request your copy.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter afterwards if you want to - but I'd like to think that you won't :-)

To see recently added or updated pages, please visit here at the seafood recipe blog which is an update for the find-a-seafood-recipe website, listing the last pages to be built or updated.

If you have a question about this topic - or any topic - then please go here where you can ask your question and I will answer.

I hope you are all well and I will be in touch again soon.

All the best



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