At this time of year, smoked salmon is a very popular fish.

Personally, I'll eat it any time of year, but New Year is a peak time for consumption.

I've got some smoked salmon recipes which you might find of interest.

Click here to see recipes for smoked salmon with dill potatoes, pate, dip, quiche and others

The simplest way of serving though is often the best.

Simply lay slices of smoked salmon on a plate, squeeze some fresh lemon over and a few twists of black pepper, garnish with some lemon wedges, sliced cucumber and tomato and serve with brown bread and butter.

Absolutely delicious and I could eat it now.

In our house, a traditional Christmas morning breakfast is scrambled egg with smoked salmon on toast.

Simply beat your eggs, season with pepper, melt some butter in a pan and pour in the eggs along with a few ounces (about 50g/2 oz per 2 eggs) of chopped smoked salmon.

Stir until the eggs are set and then serve with hot buttered brown toast.

It is just so tasty - it lifts even the simplest of food.

Well, I won't bore you - promised to keep the newsletters short and to the point.

Happy New Year to you all and I hope it brings what you're looking for.



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All the best



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