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New Herb Magazine - Out Now - Free Trial
June 23, 2015


I hope that you are well.

After a few hiccups, I am very pleased to announce that the first issue of The Herb Magazine is now available.

It is packed full of useful information about herbal health, remedies, recipes and some fun projects. There's a recipe for mint and rosemary play doh, a video on creating a garden out of a wooden pallet and some very important information regarding identifying plants in the wild.

If you go to the page linked out of the photograph below, you can take advantage of the 7 day trial subscription.

You will need an iPad or iPhone (android users, apologies, but I am planning a version for you in the future) and the code that you find on the page below.

A subscription is $3.99 per issue or $6.99 for three months

As a special launch offer, I am doing $9.99 for twelve months if you sign up during or after your trial. I hope you think it will be an absolute bargain at that price for twelve issues.

You'll get to meet Justine Thyme and Sweet Cicely - two gorgeous characters who will make you smile and think.

So much more in there as well and I'm super excited about it.

Like the Facebook Page to receive regular updates as well - I do post most days, something funny, useful or thought provoking. It's a great place to interact and I will see your questions or comments immediately.

Herb Magazine Facebook Page

I'd love contributions or questions for me to answer in the magazine, so get in touch if you have something you want to ask or send in.

OK - so that's it for now - hope to see you next time.

Bye for now

All the best

Liz Thank you for your lovely emails - it's so good to hear from you and makes me realise I'm not just writing to myself!

As always, if you have any questions, please reply to this email and ask away or

Email me at Liz at - replace with @ and no spaces.

I have uploaded a 2 part eCourse 8 Essential Culinary Herbs.

It is a thank you for subscribers to my Herb Guide Newsletter.

If you want a copy, go here and subscribe - that starts the process that will take you to the page where you can request your copy.

You can unsubscribe from the newsletter afterwards if you want to - but I'd like to think that you won't :-)

To see recently added or updated pages, please visit here at the seafood recipe blog which is an update for the find-a-seafood-recipe website, listing the last pages to be built or updated.

If you have a question about this topic - or any topic - then please go here where you can ask your question and I will answer.

I hope you are all well and I will be in touch again soon.

All the best



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