Hello everybody

This is my first newsletter – I did promise that they wouldn’t be too frequent and it’s now 18 months since I started this seafood website.

Well – a lot’s happened in this last year and a half.

My dad died May last year, which was a dreadful shock to us all – he was supposed to be coming out of hospital that day and died during the night – thankfully, my mum was with him to keep him comfortable and ensure his discharge the next morning. He went peacefully, which is what he deserved – a really great bloke and we miss him like mad.

Been very busy on the music scene and I’ve started building a new website - www.the-herb-guide.com which at the moment is getting lots of hits on preserving herbs – check it out if you’re interested but it’s in its early days at the moment and there’s lots of gaps – feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Now then – on my fish site – I’ve grown and grown.

Some recent recipes are Baked Bream and Salmon Proscuitto Salad – both on the River Fish section.

The research into Omega 3s goes on and on and if you check out my Fish for Health section and Articles by Liz , you will see exactly how oily fish can be beneficial in your diet.

From hyperactivity in children to preventing bowel cancer – it’s amazing and I for one am making sure I get my two portions of oily fish a week.

Canned salmon is very good for you – my mum has had to learn to cook for herself and her top tip at the moment is for canned salmon.

She opens a large tin and has some in a salad, some in sandwiches and she does some boiled potatoes, peas and parsley sauce with the rest – it’s just like a piece of fresh poached salmon but with none of the smell and mess of cooking it.

My new book, 50 Fish and Seafood Soup Recipes is going well - just $10 for 50 recipes and loads of information on preparation and selecting ingredients – recipes for quick garlic bread, croutons – ideas for serving soup – check out the page here.

That’s it for now

I hope all is well in your world – please feel free to contact me via my website – any questions or comments I’d love to hear them.

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