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Hope September finds you well.

In this issue you've got some seafood pasta recipes.

I've had quite a few emails recently about seafood pasta, so here's a recipe that's quite versatile.

It's a tasty tuna lasagne but you could use this sauce over spaghetti or any other pasta shapes or as a pasta bake.

I like to serve my pasta dishes with hot bread and there's a lovely, quick herb bread recipe for you further down the page.

Canned Tuna Fish Lasagne/Lasagna

2 tbspns oil
1 onion, peeled and finely chopped
1 clove garlic, peeled and crushed
1 can (185g) tuna (drained)
1 can (400g) tinned plum tomatoes
1 Italian stock cube/1 tspn dried basil and oregano

Cheese Sauce

1 pint (700ml) milk
1 tbspn cornflour or thickening agent you usually use
1 tspn english mustard powder
8 oz (225g) hard cheese, grated
freshly milled pepper to taste

Sheets of lasagne/lasagna

Set your oven to Gas Mark 4, 350F or 180C whilst you assemble the lasagne.

Heat the oil in a pan, add the onion and garlic and cook until softened.

Add the tomatoes, tuna and stock cube or herbs and simmer until thickened.

Cheese Sauce

Heat the milk in a pan, reserving a little to mix the cornflour and mustard to a smooth paste.

When the milk comes to the boil, take it off the heat and stir in your cornflour or thickener.

Return to the heat and stir for a minute. Add the grated cheese and adjust the seasoning.

Assemble the lasagne, layers of tuna sauce and sheets of lasagne, finishing off with lasagne topped with cheese sauce.

Bake in the oven for about 40 minutes.

Serve with crusty bread and salad.

The link below will take you to a quick, simple herby bread.

Herb Bread For a delicious Seafood Alfredo, go to this next link :-

Seafood Alfredo

You'll find many more recipes for seafood pastas if you click on the Seafood'n'Pasta button at the side.

Cold for buffets or lunch boxes, hot with scallops, prawns, shrimp, oysters, chirozo and canned fish standbys.

That’s it for now

I hope all is well in your world – please feel free to contact me via my website – any questions or comments I’d love to hear them.

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