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Eat more seafood - low in fat, high in protein, minerals and essential fatty acids. Omega 3s aid brain development in children and protect overall health into later life. You can't afford not to know what's here - you owe it to yourself and your family.

Lemon Pepper Fish Recipes

One of my favorite lemon pepper fish recipes easily adaptable for any fish. Quick and simple to prepare.

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Fish Pie Recipe

Fish Pie Recipe. Tasty combination of fish with a savoury crumble topping - just right for a midweek family meal. Free fish and seafood recipe site.

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Easy One Dish Baked Fish

This easy one dish baked fish recipe is truly spectacular - fish fillet or steak cooked in the oven with a variety of vegetables.

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Cat Fish Fillet Recipe

This tasty cat fish fillet recipe is baked in the oven over a ratatouille base. A lovely succulent method and it looks after itself. Serve with crusty bread to mop up the juices.

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Recipes for Baked Salmon

Honey Mustard Roasted Salmon - one of the tastiest recipes for baked salmon. Absolutely delicious and quick to prepare and cook.

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Lo Carb Baked Fish Recipes

Lo Carb baked fish recipes. Fish is high in protein and low in saturated fats, making it the perfect protein for a lo carb diet.

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Seafood Enchilada Recipe

Seafood Enchilada Recipe. Delicious and simple spicy enchiladas can be made from any combination of seafood you like.

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Greek Seafood Recipes

Greek seafood recipes. Recipes from the mediterranean, lovely baked fish with tomatoes, onions and wine - two gorgeous greek seafood recipes

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Halibut Fish Recipe

Halibut Fish recipe. Tasty halibut baked in foil parcels - keep all the moisture and flavour in

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Seafood Buffet

Whether you're wanting a super seafood buffet or some seafood to add to your buffet, you've come to the right place. Pates, pastries, wraps and platters. Tuck in!

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Grouper Fish Recipes

Grouper Fish Recipes - baked grouper fish with zucchini au gratin and baked grouper fish with tomatoes and olives

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Fishermans Pie

This glorious fishermans pie has a lovely sauce and creamy mash over mixed fish. With the addition of prawns and salmon , this would be a meal fit for a dinner party.

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Baked Seafood Recipes

Delicious baked seafood recipes. Baked Trout en Papillote - classic method of cooking small whole fish in paper. Keeps all the moisture and flavour in.

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Cod Fish Recipe

Cod Fish Recipes. Cod braised with olives and tomatoes. Fabulously simple to put together plus many more cod recipes

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Baked Fish Recipes

Baked Fish Recipes. Baked Halibut with Mussels and Baked Sea Bream, both really simple methods of cooking fish

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Seafood Augratin Recipe

Seafood Augratin recipe. Luxurious au gratin dish with plaice and prawns, topped with a herb and breadcrumb mixture.

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Sole Recipes

One of the simplest sole recipes you can find. Dover Sole baked with butter, shrimp and wine - quick and easy and a divine taste.

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Baked Cod Fish Recipe

Baked Cod Fish Recipe this cod is baked in the oven with prawns and then you thicken the cooking milk to make a pouring sauce. Simple straight forward instructions

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Kid Friendly Seafood Recipe

This kid friendly seafood recipe is easy to make and eat. The kids could even help you with the cooking of it. The earlier kids get used to eating fish, the better

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Site BuildIt! Review

This Site BuildIt! Review is about my own personal experiences since 2004 when I first joined SBI! I would never have been able to build a website without SBI!

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Baked Cod Recipe

A delicious baked cod recipe, Cod Portuguese, using tomatoes, peppers and paprika. Quick enough for a family meal, tasty enough for a dinner party

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Baked Fish in Foil Recipe

Baked fish in foil recipe. Baked Cod in Foil. Baking fish in foil cuts down on the cooking smells and washing up - you could use roasting bags as well.

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Seafood Quiche Recipes

Perfect for a meal or as part of a buffet, these seafood quiche recipes will make your mouth water. Step by step photo instructions for the best shortcrust quiche pastry as well!

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Seafood Appetizer Recipe

Seafood Appetizer Recipe. Garlic prawns and scallops - smell and taste divine, quick and easy to cook.. Free seafood and fish recipes

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Recipe for Salt Fish

Recipe for salt fish. A traditional Greek recipe using salt cod with a garlic sauce. You need to soak the fish, so plan to make this a day ahead

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Rubios Fish Taco Recipe

The famous Rubios Fish Taco Recipe - wonderful combination of crispy battered fish, sauce, salsa and cabbage - Rubio's has been voted 'best cheap eat' - cook 'em at home and make it even cheaper :-)

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Basa Fish

Basa fish is a lovely white fish. See how versatile it can be with this spicy Indian and rice dish, served with a cool minty yoghurt dressing.

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Shrimp Cocktail Sauce

Easy shrimp cocktail sauce. Super simple instructions with step by step photos to make this sauce which can be used as a dip or to make seafood cocktails.

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Cooking Salmon Fillet

This easy way of cooking salmon fillet uses the slow cooker. Super, simple method to get it right first time, you can cook your potatoes in the same pot.

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Aioli. A garlic mayonnaise style dressing which is an ideal sauce for seafood or a useful dip.It can be the base of many different sauces and is a really useful recipe to have.

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Cheese Sauce

This cheese sauce recipe is based on a white sauce. Ideal to serve over fish, use as a topping for lasagne or pour over your vegetables..

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Gooseberry Sauce

Gooseberry Sauce. Fruit sauces are perfect with oily fish - the tartness of the fruit cuts through the oiliness - try rhubarb, plum, any fruit in season. with this method.

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Savoury Butter

A selection of savoury butter recipes. Garlic, lemon, lime, orange, herb - all delicious and tasty served with plainly cooked fish or seafood.

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A simple vinaigrette dressing - very easy all in one method with variations to ring the changes. Also known as French Dressing, it is the classic salad dressing

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Kid Friendly Seafood Recipes

Kid friendly seafood recipes feature here. We should aim to make fish part of our diet at least two times a week. One of those portions should be oily fish.

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Dill Sauce for Salmon

This dill sauce for salmon recipe is easily prepared. You can make it in advance and allow it to chill in the fridge.

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Fish Stock Recipe

A good basic fish stock recipe. Fish stock is really quick to cook. It's worth preparing and freezing for later use if you have some fish trimmings.

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Crab Cake Sauce

This crab cake sauce recipe is a lovely herby mayonnaise and is ideal as a dipping sauce or dressing.

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Piri Piri Sauce

Piri Piri Sauce. Hot chili sauce - the quantity of chilis adjusts the heat of this and you then use it to season your cooking sauces - carefully!

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Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Recipe for roasted red pepper sauce with time saving intructions for alternative grilling. Delicious as a dipping sauce for crab cakes and an accompaniament to cooked meats or roasted vegetables

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Spaghetti Sauce

A basic spaghetti sauce recipe. Take this versatile tomato based sauce and add your favourite seafood, fish or meat - or you could just have it plain.

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Seafood Cocktail Sauce Recipe

Seafood Cocktail Sauce recipe. Start with a homemade mayonnaise, either made by hand or in the blender, you can get a first rate seafood cocktail sauce.

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Eggs Royale

Eggs Royale are a perfect celebration breakfast. They are like Eggs Benedict, but you use smoked salmon instead of ham. A tutorial on how to make perfect poached eggs is included.

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Seafood Sauce Recipes

Seafood sauce recipes. Traditional Bearnaise sauce and Hollandaise sauce made traditionally and in the blender.

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Alfredo Sauce

An authentic Italian recipe for creamy alfredo sauce - perfect for the addition of seafood to make Seafood Alfredo. Free fish and seafood recipes.

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Tartar Sauce Recipe

This delicious homemade tartar sauce recipe is super simple to make. You will never want to eat shop bought again. Step by step with photos

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Seafood Marinara Recipe

Authentic seafood marinara recipe with prawns, scallops, anchovies and oysters in a tomato and wine sauce - all served over lovely hot pasta.

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Fish Balls Recipe

A fish balls recipe that the kids will love (and the grown ups) Simple to prepare and it's a way of using leftover potato and fish.

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Crab Cake Recipe

Gorgeous crab cake recipe -really meaty with salad and delicious crab cake sauce recipe.

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