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Eat more seafood - low in fat, high in protein, minerals and essential fatty acids. Omega 3s aid brain development in children and protect overall health into later life. You can't afford not to know what's here - you owe it to yourself and your family.

One Pot Meals - Fish and Seafood

What's better than one pot meals? Next to no washing up, easy to put together, great for one pot camping recipes - quick and healthy

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What Can I Serve With Fish

What can I serve with fish is the most common question I get. It seems as though people have a mental block if your dinner doesn't involve meat. So, read on

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Best Easy Seafood Recipes

Seven of the best easy seafood recipes for the busy cook or the seafood beginner. These are so simple, your kids could make them.

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Speckled Trout Recipes

Speckled Trout Recipes. Trout is one of the most delicate flavored fish - simple is best and this pan fried trout recipe is one of the easiest you will ever find.

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Hot Smoked Salmon Pasta

Hot smoked salmon pasta is one of those dishes I could eat every day. There's a smokiness and richness which is quite different from regular smoked salmon.

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Grilled Swordfish Recipe

This grilled swordfish recipe is very quick to cook - it is a very meaty fish and needs minimal seasoning so as not to disguise its sea flavour.

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Lobster Mac and Cheese Recipe

A great lobster mac and cheese recipe. What could be better than combining these two foods - lobster and cheese. So quick to make and great for a party or family meal.

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Seafood Soup Recipes

Seven fabulous seafood soup recipes in this issue of Seafood Recipe News

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Tuna Pate

Tuna pate is so versatile. You could use it as a starter, a sandwich filling, part of a buffet, a dip a summer lunch with salad and crusty bread. Lovely!

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Seafood Appetizers

Seven fabulous seafood appetizers for you in this issue of Seafood Recipe News. Smoked salmon, pate, gluons and more

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Smoked Mackerel Pate

Very tasty smoked mackerel pate recipe. Easy step by step with photos. Hundreds of fish and seafood recipes

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Tuna Carbonara

Super easy tuna carbonara can be ready in under 20 minutes. Very basic ingredients make this such a great idea for a tasty meal at the end of a busy day.

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Tuna Pasta

Tuna pasta is a real life saver if you're short of time (or money). Ticks all the boxes - one pot, store cupboard, tasty and quick.

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Seafood Pate Recipe

Seafood Pate Recipe using salmon. Gorgeous, tasty and versatile recipe to make a seafood pate.

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Tuna Melt

A tuna melt is a very quick but super tasty snack. This version uses toast and gives you step by step photo instructions.

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Christmas Fish Recipes

Christmas Fish Recipes. Not everybody eats turkey. Lots of people have fish on Christmas Eve, fish for Christmas Breakfast and salmon is just as good as a chunk of meat for Christmas Dinner

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Christmas Breakfast Recipes

These christmas breakfast recipes will get you off to a good start. Five luxurious but easy to cook breakfast suggestions for any occasion.

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Baked Seafood

Baked seafood recipes are so easy to put together. Baked shrimps, easy one pot baked salmon or whole fish - all here

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How to Cook Crab Legs

Great tips on how to cook crab legs. Watch the videos and see ways of serving and eating crab legs - do you need special tools or can you manage without

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Shrimp Appetizers

Shrimp appetizers are very popular. You can put them together ahead of the meal, giving yourself time to get the rest of the meal together. Superb choice, hot or cold.

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Shrimp Salad Recipe

A super simple shrimp salad recipe that you can put together in next to no time. Would be a great main with some crusty bread or hot potatoes or try as a seafood appetizer

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The spiralizer has jumped to public attention as the latest thing to have, a great diet aid a fabulous way of getting more veggies. What are the facts behind what's basically a giant pencil sharpener?

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Kitchen Appliances

There is a huge range of kitchen appliances. It's easy to get overwhelmed by the choice and easier still to buy kitchen gadgets that you only use once. Find out what's useful and what's not.

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Canned Seafood

7 Creative Canned Seafood Recipes in Issue #5 of Seafood Recipe News. Tinned fish is so versatile and inexpensive. You can have a meal ready quicker than a takeaway.

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Kedgeree is the ultimate combination of smoked fish and rice. It's traditionally a breakfast dish, but you could eat it at any time - it is so tasty.

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Shrimp Scampi Recipe

This shrimp scampi recipe is a classic Italian-American dish. Quickly cooked in garlic and butter, it is mixed into hot linguine, scattered with herbs and topped with parmesan.

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Smoked Salmon Recipes

Smoked salmon with avocado. This is one of the easiest smoked salmon recipes and would make a great smoked salmon appetizer or part of a buffet meal.

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Easy Seafood Recipes

A collection of easy seafood recipes for you to try. Get started with this great selection of easy fish recipes

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Seafood Barbecue Recipes

Seven Sensational Seafood Barbecue Recipes Issue of Seafood Recipe News. Seafood and barbecues go together - barbecue shrimp, scallops and salmon, great sauces and more

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Smoked Fish

A selection of smoked fish recipes. Salmon, haddock, appetizers, chowders and main courses. Hundreds of free seafood recipess

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Fish Leftovers Recipes

Fish leftovers recipes. I frequently get asked what to do with bits of fish that are left. Here's some ideas so that you don't waste a scrap of it.

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Seafood Stew Recipes

Seafood Stew recipes - delicious ideas and combinations for making fish stews. Very quick and simple to make.

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Seafood Soup Recipe Index

Seafood Soup Recipe Index. A variety of seafood soups, italian, boullibaise, bisque and basic family soups.

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Shrimp Recipes

Shrimp recipes from appetizers to curries through mexican, italian and chinese. Shrimp is so versatile - low in carbs, high in protein. Hundreds of free seafood recipes.

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Seafood and Rice

Seafood and Rice dishes. Thai, indian, and chinese curry, paella, japanese sushi, cajun, mexican, cajun fish dishes.

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St Patricks Day Recipe

If you don't fancy champ or colcannon, then this St Patricks Day recipe might be a good alternative. Reflect the Irish Flag colors and go for Poached Salmon with Spinach and new potatoes

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Seafood Pasta Recipes

Seafood Pasta Recipes. Tasty, quick and simple, the perfect combination. Many of them can be put together in less than 15 minutes from ingredients in your storecupboard.

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Grills and Barbecue Recipe Index

A section devoted to fish and seafood grill and barbecue recipes. Ideas for simple marinades to enhance the flavor of your meals. So quick and simple to do - cooked in minutes!

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Fried Fish Recipes Index

Fried Fish recipes. cod in beer batter, herrings in oatmeal, perfect fish and chips, Japanese Tempura, pan fried fish

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Baked Seafood Recipes Index

A tasty selection of baked seafood recipes. Au gratin, baked salmon, dips, goujons, seafood pasta bake, stuffed salmon and sea bass, baked grouper, cod, halibut, trout

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Seafood Au Gratin Recipe

Seafood Au Gratin Recipe. Delicious baked cod with a cheese and cubed bread crust drizzled with olive oil to make it beautifully crispy.

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Fishermans Pie

This glorious fishermans pie has a lovely sauce and creamy mash over mixed fish. With the addition of prawns and salmon , this would be a meal fit for a dinner party.

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Fish Pie Recipe

Fish Pie Recipe. Tasty combination of fish with a savoury crumble topping - just right for a midweek family meal. Free fish and seafood recipe site.

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Sensational Seafood Salads

Seven sensational seafood salads, just right for a quick meal when you're pushed for time.

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Halibut Fish Recipe

Halibut Fish recipe. Tasty halibut baked in foil parcels. Free Seafood Recipe site.

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Grouper Fish Recipes

Grouper Fish Recipes - baked grouper fish with courgettes au gratin and baked grouper fish with tomatoes and olives

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Grilling Mahi Mahi

If you're grilling mahi mahi, then you need a good marinade. This will add flavor to the fish and help stop burning. Suitable for either a barbecue or broil (grill)

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